Investor Services

Investment Real Estate in Tampa Bay

When it comes to investment real estate in Tampa Bay, Direct Buy Realty sets the standard.

Brokerage – To assist you in the acquisition and disposition of investment real estate, our team of dedicated specialists will apply their real estate experience and thorough market knowledge. Our innovative strategies are proven to drive your success.

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Market Research – Using the latest tools and techniques, our team is always aware of present market trends. This market expertise is crucial to our clients’ ability to make well-informed decisions.

Analysis/Valuation – We’ll use present market trends in addition to historical data to provide a thorough, well-documented and honest analysis of your property – whether it’s a single asset or a portfolio. Based on your particular situation, we’ll help you set goals and objectives for your investments.

Strategic Partnerships –  In addition to brokerage, we have the resources available to help you in every aspect of your investment. From financing, renovations, re-positioning, property management to ongoing maintenance and repairs we have a network of advisers to work with you.  Our vast knowledge of the Tampa Bay area along with our relationships and contacts is invaluable.